Why online casinos should accept cryptocurrency

In this article we cover some of the reasons why online casinos should accept cryptocurrency. At Lion Gaming Group we have previously written about on-chain wagering, and have briefly gotten into some of the differences between blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as a payment rail.

Cryptocurrency as a payment rail for iGaming

Cryptocurrency is an excellent payment rail for the iGaming industry. Despite the recent market sell off, cryptocurrencies still have a cumulative market cap of around $1.5 trillion USD. Cryptocurrency users have also long had a tendency to gamble, with some of the earlier years of crypto adoption featuring a majority of blockchain transactions being gambling related.

Many white label or turnkey casino software providers now offer support for cryptocurrency transactions these days. Unfortunately the vast majority of B2B casino software providers offer crypto support in a limited capacity. Usually they only support one or a handful cryptocurrencies – typically Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Tether – and in many cases only support it as a means for deposit. That means bettors are not able to retain or withdraw their balance in cryptocurrency. For operators who have dealt with cryptocurrency bettors before, they know it is crucial that customers are able to deposit, play, and withdraw in the same cryptocurrency they originally deposited with.

At Lion Gaming Group, our partners are able to accept over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies and tokens of their choosing. Our operator’s customers are able to play in the currency they deposited, and are not forced into converting their cryptocurrency into fiat. Additionally, there is no need to choose between fiat or cryptocurrency as a payment rail since our turnkey online casino solutions are built to accept both fiat & cryptocurrency. If you wish to accept only fiat, or only cryptocurrency, we are able to provide that as well!

What unique value proposition does cryptocurrency offer?

Cryptocurrency has several features unique to it as a payment rail that are particularly valuable to the iGaming industry.

  • Privacy is hard to come by with traditional payment rails. With cryptocurrency, customers no longer need to worry about whether their bank or credit card company is going to judge them for gambling, sell their data to advertisers, or send them statements that might get them grief from their spouse/companion.
  • Cryptocurrency users tend to be younger: in the US, 43% of all males age 18-29 own cryptocurrency compared to 16% of the general population. Operators have long struggled with attracting Millennial and Gen Z customers, and cryptocurrency adoption is a tool operators can use to attract this demographic in addition to improving their Esports offerings.
  • The Web 3 era is just starting, and Web 3 is built on blockchain technology. In order to utilize smart contracts and offer products such as on-chain wagering, operators must use a native cryptocurrency solution. An additional benefit of having a native solution as opposed to using a 3rd party payment processor, is that it also eliminates 3rd party transaction costs. Lion Gaming has developed on-chain wagering solutions for all of our white label casino and sportsbook solutions.
  • 3rd Party payment processors for cryptocurrency typically charge much lower fees than traditional payment rails, with typical costs per transaction being under 1%.

We hope this helps answer why online casinos should accept cryptocurrency. If you are a iGaming operator, or are considering launching an online casino or sportsbook, contact [email protected] today for a free consultation.

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