Why Customization in iGaming is Important

Everyone has heard that personalization and customization are critical for product success at almost every level. Customers are demanding more options that are suited to their unique needs and preferences. One example of personalization that we can see from a major brand is Netflix tailoring and recommending content to you when you log in to the platform based on your likes and dislikes. Another example is the way that Amazon personalizes your entire shopping experience – even going so far as to anticipate what shoppers will order next using predictive analytics. And those are just two examples. Nike, Tesla, Starbucks, Peloton, and many more major brands leverage the power of customization to succeed in the marketplace.

So, if the world’s biggest companies are making customization an integral part of their corporate strategy, why hasn’t there been much development in terms of customization in iGaming from some of the biggest online casino software and sportsbook platform providers?

Why do so many online casinos and sportsbooks look the same?

Let’s face it. Standing out as an online casino or sportsbook is hard. Cookie-cutter layouts and templates coupled with the same games that every other operator offers make it difficult for your operation to differentiate itself in the marketplace.

Do you know the reason why so many online casinos and sportsbooks look and feel exactly the same? It’s because the platform providers they enlist all use standardized templates for their clients. Apart from changing logos and colours, the level of customization required to stand out amongst the competition simply isn’t offered by many platform providers.

But that’s not the case with Lion Gaming’s white label casino and sportsbook software. We understand how vital differentiating your online casino or sportsbook from others is to the success of your operation. We understand the importance of customization. And we’re here to change the way that operators work with platform providers. When you partner with Lion Gaming, we’ll make your vision come to life and deliver a fully customizable white label crypto casino, online casino, or sportsbook that’s as unique as you are.

What are advantages of customization in iGaming products?

There are plenty of advantages to building a customized sportsbook or casino compared to having a standardized template. Across a variety of industries, customization has been cited as something that increases the perceived quality of a product, customer satisfaction with a product, and loyalty toward a service provider. Let’s explore how each of tPhose facets can help with the success of your online casino or sportsbook operation.

Perceived quality of a product

As we mentioned before, most online casinos and sportsbooks look and feel the same. There isn’t much customization in iGaming today. Apart from potential bonus abusers, most bettors won’t have any incentive to play games or bet on sports on your website since they perceive that their playing experience would be the same as other websites that look exactly like yours. By customizing the look and feel of your casino, you can generate excitement for new visitors to your website. If you can showcase your casino games or sports betting lines in a way that’s unique to your brand and unlike the competition, bettors will immediately think that your operation has something to offer that other online casinos and sportsbooks don’t have. This first impression has a huge impact on the perceived quality of your website.

Customer satisfaction

All online casinos and sportsbooks want their players to come back often. The only way to do that is to make sure that their players are satisfied. If you wanted to take that a step further, exceeding player expectations and not only satisfying them but delighting them is an effective way to keep them happy.

So, how do you satisfy your bettors and keep them happy? By creating exceptional playing experiences. There is nothing exceptional about online casinos and sportsbooks that have the same layout and templates as hundreds of others. But when you customize the look and feel of your casino, you offer your players new experiences that they can’t find anywhere else. Especially for operators who want to start a crypto casino and attract crypto bettors, customized casino chips, playing cards, or table felt that showcases the unique brands of different cryptocurrencies and tokens can delight players that prefer to wager in crypto.

Loyalty towards a service provider

Anyone who is in the iGaming space knows how challenging it can be to acquire and retain a bettor. Many depend on bonuses and promotions as a way to keep players coming back to their websites. But what if online casinos and sportsbooks can foster player loyalty and retain bettors in another way? A playing experience that’s different from others does just that.

If your online casino or sportsbook offers a playing experience that’s like any other, why would your bettors be loyal to you? There’s nothing preventing them from getting the same playing experience on a different casino or sportsbook website. By offering a uniquely customized website you can create an incentive for players to keep coming back in order to get a great betting experience. A betting experience that they won’t find anywhere else.

Are you ready to customize your platform?

So, if you think that a generic online casino or sportsbook will be enough for you to run a successful operation, we think it’s time that you reconsider. Contact Lion Gaming today to see how our fully customizable white label casino and sportsbook solutions can help you succeed in today’s iGaming landscape.

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