White Label Sportsbook

Elevate the online sportsbook experience to new heights with the Fer0x Sportsbook

The Fer0x Sportsbook is engineered to empower you with the tools you need to start an online sportsbook and excel in the world of online sports betting. We pride ourselves on providing a white label sportsbook solution that has been engineered for the future of the sports betting industry.

Embrace the future of iGaming with Fer0x Sportsbook, where innovation meets practicality and fierce potential awaits.

The Fer0x Sportsbook includes everything you need to be a successful sportsbook operator. From a captivating website that engages your players to a robust back office that puts you in control, our comprehensive white label sportsbook software empowers you to revolutionise the sports betting experience. Secure payment gateways, advanced analytics, customizable bonus systems, and player account management systems are just a glimpse of the potential that lies inside.

Advanced back office
Unlock the full potential of your sportsbook with the advanced back office included in our online sportsbook software. Designed to empower you to manage and optimize your operation seamlessly, the Fer0x Sportsbook comes with a comprehensive suite of features within the back office, ensuring that you have everything you need to drive success. From bonus systems to email marketing, affiliate management systems to powerful dashboards, and intuitive Player Account Management (PAM) systems, we have you covered.
Email marketing
Supercharge your player engagement, retention, and loyalty initiatives with the email marketing tools in our white label sportsbook platform. With our white label sportsbook platform, you have the ability to deliver highly targeted enticing bonuses, exclusive offers, and compelling promotions directly to your players' inboxes. Whether you prefer to automate promotions or manually deploy VIP communications, our platform gives you the flexibility to choose what works best for your business.
Player segmentation
Tap into the ability to create highly targeted and personalized promotional campaigns that speak directly to each player segment. By utilizing rules-based deployment, you can ensure that your promotions reach the right players at the right time, maximizing their engagement and satisfaction. Whether it's offering tailored bonuses for specific sporting events, exclusive offers, or customized incentives, our player segmentation tools enable you to deliver the personalized communications that sportsbook players expect.
Bonus systems
Unleash the full potential of player retention and engagement with the cutting-edge bonus systems of the Fer0x Sportsbook platform. Our white label sportsbook solutions are equipped with advanced bonus systems that effortlessly create and deploy enticing promotions to enhance player retention, engagement, and loyalty. Seamlessly create and launch captivating promotions across your sportsbook that captivate your players' attention and keep them coming back for more.
Affiliate management system
Generate powerful reports that provide valuable insights into your sportsbook’s affiliate performance. Dive deep into the data and gain a comprehensive understanding of which affiliates are driving the most traffic and delivering the highest value to your sportsbook. These actionable insights empower you to make informed decisions, optimise your affiliate partnerships, and maximise the profitability of your sportsbook.
The gateway to actionable insights. Experience the power of our data-driven dashboard and unlock the potential of your sportsbook's success. With the Fer0x Sportsbook platform, you can stay on top of crucial metrics such as total players, new player acquisition, deposits, pending withdrawals, gross revenue, net wins, and much more. Our dashboard provides real-time updates and visualisations that enable you to make informed decisions based on the latest data.
Full control of withdrawals and bet limits
With the Fer0x Sportsbook platform, you have the flexibility to set and adjust bet limits according to your unique business requirements. Whether you aim to cater to high rollers, implement responsible gambling measures, or optimise profitability, our white label sportsbook platform puts you in the coach’s box. Fine-tune the bet limits to align with your risk tolerance and desired player experience, ensuring that every wager placed on your sportsbook is within your defined parameters.
The best odds and margins
Experience the difference that best-in-class odds and margins can make for the profitability of your sportsbook. The Fer0x Sportsbook is integrated with leading sports data providers to position your operation as a leader in the sports betting industry.
Live and in-play betting
Ignite the excitement of live and in-play betting with Fer0x Sportsbook, revolutionising the way your players engage with your platform. Lion Gaming understands the importance of keeping players captivated, not just before exciting events, but also during the thrilling moments as they unfold.
Comprehensive event coverage
Unleash a world of sports entertainment with comprehensive events coverage in the Fer0x Sportsbook. With Fer0x Sportsbook, you can offer your players hundreds of thousands of pre-match events each year, guaranteeing a diverse selection of betting options to suit every preference. From mainstream sports to niche leagues to live events, we've got you covered. Our white label sportsbook solutions ensure that your players never miss out on a moment of action.
Our Oddin.gg integration provides market-leading coverage in Esports. Bettors can wager on the most popular Esports titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike, Overwatch, and more. Attract customers and Esports fans with the best pre-match and live betting odds in Esports.
Fully customizable design
Let your players experience the excitement of playing a fully customised online sportsbook that represents your brand's unique identity. The Fer0x Sportsbook is the ideal solution to unleash your creativity. Our UI/UX team provides the tools, support, and expertise needed to transform your vision into a reality. Stand out, impress your players, and redefine what sports betting entertainment can be.
Secure payment gateways
Embrace the power to cater to both traditional and next-generation players by offering a diverse range of payment methods within the Fer0x Sportsbook platform. Our comprehensive payment solutions give you the flexibility to provide a world-class experience that meets the evolving needs of your players including fiat payment rails, crypto payment rails, and on-chain wagering solutions.
Optimised for all devices
Betting convenience and user-friendly interfaces are here with the Fer0x Sportsbook's fully responsive design. Empower your players to enjoy the ultimate betting experience from anywhere, on any device. We've engineered our sportsbook to cater to smartphones and mobile devices, allowing you to tap into the booming trend of mobile-first internet access. In today's digital landscape, the majority of web traffic originates from mobile devices. With Lion Gaming's cutting-edge technology, you can effortlessly capture the attention of the growing number of bettors who prefer to engage with your sportsbook from their mobile devices.
The Fer0x Sportsbook has been meticulously engineered to withstand the heaviest traffic loads, ensuring that your platform remains stable, reliable, and responsive even during peak periods and the most popular sporting events. By leveraging the power of Fer0x Engine, you can confidently offer your players a scalable and reliable betting environment that caters to their needs, regardless of the event size or level of demand. Never again worry about missed opportunities or frustrating downtime that can ruin the player experience.
Compliance and regulation
Choose Fer0x Sportsbook and benefit from our dedication to compliance, allowing you to build a reputable brand that fosters trust and loyalty among your players. Enter the world of iGaming with confidence, knowing that Lion Gaming is committed to upholding the highest compliance standards while empowering you to achieve your business goals.
Emerging markets
Sporting events transcend borders, and the sports betting experience should do the same. Our white label sportsbook solutions are designed to cater to players and sporting events worldwide, delivering seamless functionality and a cutting-edge experience globally.

Elevate the full potential of
online sportsbook software

Embrace the future of iGaming with the Fer0x Sportsbook,
where innovation meets practicality and fierce potential awaits.


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