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Why Customization in iGaming is Important
17 January, 2023
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Get Started Quickly With A Turnkey Online Casino
13 March, 2023

7 March, 2023

White Label Gaming Solutions

White label gaming solutions are a form of software that allows you to start an online casino or sportsbook. They are a cost-effective way to start an online gaming operation without having to develop online casino or sportsbook software yourself. This article will explore the features of white label gaming solutions, the costs associated with white label gaming solutions, and anything else you need to know when evaluating different gaming software providers to support your iGaming operation.

Features of white label gaming solutions

Depending on whether you want to start a sportsbook, start an online casino, or both, you’ll need to look for some key features from white label gaming providers. Some of these features will apply to both online casinos and sportsbooks, while others will be relevant to one or the other.

Powerful back-office

White label gaming solutions should come with a powerful back-office that allows you to manage your online casino and sportsbook operation. Whether you’re running an online casino or a sportsbook, you need to be able to deploy marketing promotions and emails, create bonuses, have visibility into the profitability of your operation, manage your affiliates, choose what games or sports leagues are displayed at any given time and in what position, get deposit and withdrawal history, set minimum and maximum bets for different casinos games and sporting events, and more. You can request a demo of Lion Gaming’s back office solutions present in our Fer0x Sportsbook and Fer0x Casino by contacting us here.

Mobile-friendly software

Internet access from mobile devices continues to grow around the world. That trend is extending to the iGaming industry as well. As more and more players can place a wager on a sporting event or a table game, you need to make sure that the gaming solutions providers you are evaluating give your players the ability to place bets from their smartphones. You can read our article on the importance of mobile-first gaming solutions to learn more about the topic.

Casino games and access to betting lines

Your iGaming operation wouldn’t exist without access to casino games and lines to bet on sporting events. The white label gaming solutions provider you end up selecting should give you access to the most popular casino games players expect including slots, live dealer, table games, and arcade style games as well as global sporting events. Lion Gaming’s white label gaming software, for example, offers access to over 200 different game providers and more than 11,000 different casino games to your players. We also offer hundreds of thousands of sports betting and esports betting markets to your players each year.

Live and in-play betting

This feature is specific to sportsbooks and is something that is essential for every online sportsbook. Live betting allows players to continue wagering throughout the duration of a sporting event. Rather than simply betting pre-match on the outcome of a game, players can choose to bet on the outcomes of individual possessions, at-bats, points, etc. It opens up thousands of possibilities for your sportsbook to engage players and capture more revenue from your players. Lion Gaming’s own white label sportsbook has the live betting features that are critical for the success of your online sportsbook.

Cost of white label gaming solutions

The cost of white label gaming solutions can vary from provider to provider. The cost also depends on what features you want to include in your iGaming operation, the degree of customization you want to make your website standout from the competition, whether you want your software supplier to build out custom functionality that isn’t available “out of the box”, and whether you want managed services as part of your operation such as customer and player support, marketing, payments, etc. Pricing structures can also vary from provider to provider. Some gaming solutions providers have flat fees associated with their software, while others can be more flexible. Reach out to Lion Gaming to learn about the white label gaming solutions we’ve developed that can fit within almost any budget.

Generally, you can expect the cost of white label solutions to be far cheaper than building out your own iGaming platforms. With white label gaming solutions, you save on salaries for casino software developers, lawyers to ensure your platform is compliant with gambling regulations, and costs associated with maintaining and upgrading your platform over time. If you want to read more about building your own iGaming software or outsourcing it, you should check out our article titled, The Case For Outsourcing Your Betting Technology.

Getting started with white label gaming solutions providers

Before getting started with any provider, it’s important to request a demo to ensure that they have everything you’re looking for. Any reputable iGaming provider should be able to show you the way their software works from both the front-end and the back-end, as well as answer any questions you might have about their solutions. When scheduling a demo or a call with a provider, you should include anybody on your team that’s involved in the decision-making process as well as the technical side of your operation. That way, it will become clear from initial conversations if a white label gaming solutions provider is a good fit for your venture.

To see if Lion Gaming is a good fit for your iGaming operation, contact us here to request a demo of our iGaming software powered by our Fer0x Engine. We’ll show you the difference that our gaming solutions will have on the success of your operation.

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