Crash: A New Online Casino Game Bettors Demand

Crash is a relatively new casino game that is only available for online play. Unlike most games that online casinos and iGaming operators offer, Crash is a multiplayer game. This article covers the gameplay aspects of Crash, as well as cover the features of Lion Gaming’s white label Crash game that we’ve developed in-house.

Rules and gameplay

Crash is a time-based game. Each game of Crash is called a round. Bettors place their wager at the start of every round. After the round begins, a multiplier starting at 1.00x begins to steadily rise, with the multiplier representing the payout for the bets placed at the start of the round (i.e a $1 bet at 1.5x would return $1.5).

Bettors are able to cash out anytime during a round, with the goal being to cashout before the multiplier “crashes”. Once the multiplier crashes, any bettors who have not cashed out have lost their wager. After the multiplier crashes, there is a short waiting period, along with a countdown, before the next round begins. The wait period is adjustable according to the operator’s preference.

Crash online casino software

Lion Gaming has developed a version of Crash that is available with in our online casino software. Like the other games in our portfolio, our version of Crash is Provably Fair. Below you can learn how bettors can independently verify the results of each round of Crash they participate in:

  • Every round of the game has a HASH that will be used to verify the result
  • The MD5 is the result of the HASH conversion
  • MD5 value is for the user to confirm the result (i.e. multiplier crash) does not change during the game
  • Bettor validates the MD5 by converting the HASH value to MD5

Our Crash solution features the following

  • Designed from mobile-first perspective – bettors can easily play from anywhere with an enjoyable user experience
  • Powered by blockchain technology – Lion Gaming is the only iGaming technology provider that allows for on-chain wagering, which can be toggled ON or OFF depending on player preference. More on on-chain wagering can be located here.
  • Provably Fair mechanism – bettors can independently verify their game was played fairly
  • Highly Customizable – the game can be redesigned using your branding, even including the casino chips and the house rules

To add Crash to your online casino platform, contact [email protected] today for more information on our white label casino solutions.

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