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White Label Casino

Our white label casino software gives you everything you need to start an online casino.

Backed by the Fer0x Engine, our online casino platform includes stunning designs, thousands of slots and live dealer games from the world’s best casino games providers, payment gateways for crypto and fiat currency, player account management software, advanced back office tools designed to increase retention, and much more.

Give your players an unforgettable online casino experience with the Fer0x Casino platform.

Start an online casino with Lion Gaming’s Fer0x Casino platform to experience the power of a white label solution that shatters expectations and redefines what’s possible with an online casino software provider.

Advanced back office
Our white label and turnkey online casino software comes with a robust back office to power your operation. It comes with everything you need including bonus systems, email marketing, affiliate management systems, powerful dashboards, intuitive Player Account Management (PAM) systems, and more.
Email marketing
The Fer0x Casino platform comes complete with exceptional email marketing tools. Elevate your player retention strategies, ignite promotions, and foster unwavering loyalty like never before. As part of our white label casino platform, we provide a robust and versatile email marketing tool that empowers you to connect with your players on a whole new level. Engage, captivate, and keep your players coming back for more with email marketing capabilities directly in-platform
Player segmentation
The Fer0x Casino platform allows you to harness the power of player segmentation to unlock a world of personalised engagement and targeted promotions. Easily categorise your players based on their game preferences, account balances, login activity, bet activity, and more. By utilising our advanced player segmentation tools, you can deploy rules-based promotional campaigns that speak directly to each player segment to maximise engagement. With the Fer0x Casino platform's comprehensive player segmentation and reporting features, you hold the power to deliver tailored experiences that resonate with your players.
Bonus systems
Our white label casino solutions come with cutting-edge bonus systems that allow you to effortlessly create and deploy enticing promotions that enhance player retention, engagement and loyalty. The Fer0x Casino lifts the burden of player retention, allowing you to focus on providing an exceptional gaming experience to keep your players engaged every step of the way.
Affiliate management system
Unleash the full potential of your player’s affiliate networks with the affiliate management integrated directly into our online casino platform. Gain valuable insights into your casino's affiliate performance through powerful reports that allow you to dive into the data to identify the affiliates that are driving the most traffic and delivering the highest value to your business.
The Fer0x Casino platform's dashboard is not just about information—it's about actionable insights. Unleash the power of data-driven decision-making through an intuitive interface to fuel your strategic operations. Easily track and monitor essential KPIs such as total players, new player acquisition, deposits, pending withdrawals, gross revenue, net wins, and more.
Full control of withdrawals and bet limits
Exercise precise control over the bet limits for players across your casino directly within our white label casino platform. Tailor the limits to suit your business strategy, risk tolerance, and player preferences. The Fer0x Casino platform provides the ultimate level of control so you can strike the perfect balance between providing an exciting gaming experience and managing your exposure effectively.
Fully customizable design
Unleash your creative beast and embrace the power of custom branding to captivate your players with a unique and immersive gaming experience. Our online casino software ensures that every element of your online casino can be tailored to your exact specifications. With the Fer0x Casino platform, your casino becomes a reflection of your brand's identity to set you apart and create a lasting impression on your players from the moment they visit your site.
Secure payment gateways
Experience unparalleled security and convenience with the secure payment gateways offered in the Fer0x Casino platform. Our comprehensive casino solutions provide a range of traditional payment rails as well cryptocurrencies through web3 wallet and native integrations. We offer a variety of crypto payment gateways that enable you to accept wagers in over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies. Plus, we offer the first-of-its-kind ability for operators who desire to provide their players with the ability to wager on-chain. You can empower your players to transact directly on the blockchain, ensuring unparalleled transparency and security in a next-generation betting experience.
Multi-level agent system
Embrace the power of a multi-level agent system within the Fer0x Casino platform. Our in-house system is designed specifically for operators who seek to leverage an agent model to drive their business forward. Experience the flexibility and control that comes with limitless levels for agents and sub-agents, allowing you to configure your business in a way that suits your unique needs.
Optimised for all devices
Deliver the ultimate betting experience to your players, anytime and anywhere with the Fer0x Casino platform's fully responsive design. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your players can enjoy seamless gameplay from any device, be it a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
Compliance and regulation
Experience the peace of mind that comes with Lion Gaming’s commitment to compliance. Benefit from our efficient and secure KYC protocols, partnering exclusively with licensed operators who share our commitment to providing a safe and trustworthy iGaming experience. With our white label casino solutions and available licensing, you can focus on growing your business while knowing that compliance is our top priority.
Emerging markets
Provide a world-class online casino experience that transcends borders. Our white label casino solutions are designed to cater to players from both established and emerging markets, ensuring that they can enjoy seamless gameplay and a top-notch experience even with limited bandwidth.

Ready to learn how to start an online casino with Lion Gaming?

Take the next step towards the future of iGaming by connecting with a Lion Gaming Executive to learn about the difference between our advanced Fer0x Casino platform and traditional white label casino solutions. Discover firsthand the impact Fer0x Casino can have on enhancing player experience and driving the success of your operation.


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