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White label Bitcoin casino solutions are a type of software that allows online casinos to accept wagers in Bitcoin and sometimes other cryptocurrencies as well. As more people around the world adopt cryptocurrency, the popularity of wagers placed in Bitcoin has increased substantially. Naturally, as the popularity of cryptocurrency betting increases, online casinos would be prudent to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment options for their websites.

One research study showed that from January 2021 to December 2021, the share of online bets that were placed in cryptocurrencies increased from 23% to over 40%. The same research also showed that Bitcoin was the most popular cryptocurrency used for online gambling, representing over 80% of all wagers that were placed in cryptocurrency.

Given the popularity of Bitcoin for online gambling, let’s explore the way that white label Bitcoin casino platforms can help you succeed in the competitive iGaming marketplace.

What are white label Bitcoin casino solutions?

White label Bitcoin casino solutions are popular options for people who want to start a Bitcoin casino quickly, easily, and affordably. We’ve written previously about white label crypto casinos solutions and white label betting technology, but we’ll summarize the features and benefits of white label products in this article as well.

First, let’s talk about white label products and what they are. A white label product or software is something that has been manufactured or developed by one company, then repackaged and sold by another. The type of repackaging can include replacing logos that appear on the product, the design of the websites that the product is sold on, or the colours and fonts that appear on the product. Everything is the same about the core features of the product, but the way that it’s presented, marketed and sold is different from company to company.

The same concept applies for white label Bitcoin casino software. It is a type of software that allows online crypto casino operators to start an online casino that accepts Bitcoin without spending millions of dollars and years of time developing their own software from scratch. White label Bitcoin casino solutions are the smart choice for anyone who wants to start a crypto casino.

Features of white label Bitcoin casino software

White label Bitcoin casino solutions share many of the same features that white label crypto casinos offer. They come pre-packaged with everything that an online casino operator needs to start accepting wagers in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Let’s explore some of the features of Lion Gaming’s own Bitcoin casino software.

Advanced back office

Our Bitcoin and crypto casino solutions come with an advanced back office that gives you everything you need to manage your Bitcoin casino. That includes bonus and promotional systems, email marketing, affiliate management systems, powerful dashboards, Player Account Management (PAM) systems, robust reporting tools, and more.

Customizable design

The whole idea behind white labelling a product is to have a fully functional, powerful offering that looks and feels like your brand. Lion Gaming has an excellent UI/UX team that can help bring your online crypto casino brand to life by customizing everything from the table felt of games like Blackjack to the casino chips and card designs of Baccarat. You can read more on the importance of customization in online casinos and iGaming in our article here.

Mobile-first design

Our white label Bitcoin casino solutions lets your players have an amazing betting experience no matter what device or smart phone they are playing from. We have designed the games within our online casino software to load quickly so your players don’t have to wait to get action down and place bets. If you’re evaluating different white label Bitcoin casino providers, make sure that the one you choose recognizes and prioritizes the mobile playing experience.

Provably Fair casino games

Lion Gaming offers online casinos the ability to integrate with dozens of games providers and offer thousands of different casino games to their players with our white label crypto casino product. In addition, we’ve also developed our own casino games in-house. Plus, all the games that we’ve developed are Provably Fair. In short, Provably Fair games allow bettors to independently verify that the outcome of a game was truly random and that the game wasn’t unfairly rigged against them. Read more about Provably Fair gaming and the mechanisms behind it here.

On-chain wagering solutions

We offer access to our revolutionary on-chain wagering solutions to all operators who use Lion Gaming’s online casino software. There is a big difference between the ability to accept Bitcoin as a payment rail and executing wagers on-chain using smart contracts. While we also allow operators to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment rail for their online casino, they can also offer on-chain wagering as a value-add and point of differentiation for players who prefer an authentic blockchain experience.

Do you have questions about white label bitcoin casinos?

We’re ready to have a conversation with you about why we believe our white label Bitcoin casino software to be the best in the industry. Request a demo of our software here or contact us at [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you quickly.

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