What is White Label Betting Technology?

There are generally two different ways that someone can start an online casino or sportsbook. The first and more difficult way is to build all the technology yourself by enlisting a team of developers to build the software and a lawyer to ensure that the technology is compliant with gambling regulations in your jurisdiction. The second and easier way is to buy white label betting technology for an online casino or sportsbook platform provider.

Chances are that if you have ever considered starting your own online casino or sportsbook, you have come across multiple providers offering white label betting technology. A product that is “white labelled” simply means that one company has developed or manufactured something and then licenses it out to other companies who want to put their branding on the product and resell it.

One example of a common white label product are those popular stainless steel water bottles that you get as free swag at every iGaming tradeshow or conference. If you look in your cupboards right now it’s practically a certainty that you have at least two or three of these water bottles with different branding on them.

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White label software

What you might not have known is that software can also be a white label product. There are tons of programs, website builders, and marketing automation tools that can be white labeled and resold. White label software can be beneficial for everyone involved. The developers of the product get access to new customers, and companies who want to put their branding on someone else’s software don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars developing the software. White label technology also has the added benefit of being able to take your product to market much quicker than you would be able to if you were to develop it yourself.

White label betting technology

For an entrepreneur or a team of people who are considering getting into the iGaming industry and starting their own online casino or sportsbook, it’s simply not practical to build everything from scratch. There are extensive financial requirements that go into hiring developers to build out the online casino software or a sportsbook platform which could easily run into the high six-figure to seven-figure range. There are also financial requirements for hiring lawyers that need to ensure that the betting technology is certified compliant with the gambling legislation within the regions that you want to operate in. Plus, beyond that, it can take years to develop a solution that is scalable and has all the features that players demand. Plus, for online casinos or sportsbooks, the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars that would go into developing your own product would be better spent on marketing your website.

A white label betting solution solves both problems. Firstly, the cost of starting your own white label casino or sportsbook is a fraction of what you would pay developers to build out your own. Secondly, it shortens the process of having a robust offering complete with features bettors demand from years to weeks, meaning you can go to market and start accepting bets in a fraction of the time. For more on the reasons why white label casino and sportsbook solutions are a smarter choice than developing your own betting technology, check out our article on The Case For Outsourcing Your Betting Technology right here.

Customizable white label betting technology

The importance of customization in iGaming cannot be understated. A white label solution also gives you full control over the branding of your website. It can be completely customized with your brand logos and colours across your pages all the way down to the casino chip, table felt and card designs. The online casino and sportsbook space is notorious for having websites that look and feel the same as the competition. A white label online casino supplier that gives you the ability to fully customize your product such as Lion Gaming’s white label casino software give operators many advantages over their competition. Customization has been shown to increase the perceived quality of a product, increase loyalty toward a service provider, foster bettor retention, and satisfy customers in ways that non-customizable solutions can’t.

If you’re considering starting an online casino or sportsbook and using white label betting technology, look no further than Lion Gaming. We offer some of the most advanced betting technology on the market that includes a robust back office, mobile-responsive design, access to hundreds of thousands of sporting and Esports events per year, and the most popular casino table games. The games that we’ve developed in house are all Provably Fair, and like our sportsbook are available in on-chain variations. Plus, our white label casino and sportsbook solutions allow iGaming operators to accept wagers in both fiat currency and virtually any cryptocurrency or token available on the market today. Get started with Lion Gaming’s Fer0x Engine by contacting us here or by emailing [email protected].

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