What is Provably Fair Video Poker?

As the iGaming industry expands and reaches new audiences and markets around the world, the need for fairness and transparency is increasing. Widespread legalization and cultural acceptance have created the need for mechanisms such as Provably Fair gaming technology. This concept has changed the way we look at gaming outcomes, removing trepidation from bettors and operators alike.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at Provably Fair video poker, a game that has stood the test of time. Video poker remains immensely popular, and by including Provably Fair technology, operators can ensure both sides of the wager are protected.

Provably Fair: the new fairness standard

Simply put, Provably Fair is a cryptographic technology designed to provide the fairness of online casino games without the need for a third party. Unlike traditional online casinos, which rely on the trustworthiness and security of their algorithms, Provably fair introduces a verifiable and transparent process. This process allows players to independently verify the fairness of a given game outcome.

At its core, Provably Fair employs a combination of cryptographic hash functions, random seeds, and player input. These factors working in concert help ensure game outcomes are unpredictable and unbiased. For this reason, Provably Fair has gained significant traction, and can be found in countless online casinos.

Provably Fair video poker: where skill meets transparency

Video poker, a classic casino game, blends elements of skill, strategy and luck. For this reason it has massive appeal, as players can lean on strategy over pure chance. Furthermore, the game is simple, easy to understand, and features exciting gameplay. It appeals to poker players and those who tend to gravitate towards casino games. It’s an easy, quick hand for poker players, while casino players enjoy the fast paced gameplay.

Here’s a breakdown of how Provably Fair technology factors in to video poker, giving players enhanced confidence in the game outcome.

1. Seed generation

The process begins with the online casino generating a random seed. This seed is a crucial component in determining the outcome of the hand. 

2. Player influence

Some platforms take player engagement to the next level by allowing them to contribute their own seed or adjust the seed provided by the casino. This adds a personalized touch to the gaming experience, giving players a sense of control.

3. Hashing the seeds

The combination of the casino’s seed and the player’s seed undergoes cryptographic hashing, creating a unique and seemingly random string of characters.

4. Outcome determination

The resulting hash is utilized to determine the outcome of the hand. This can involve selecting a specific part of the hash or using it as a seed for a random number generator, ensuring the unpredictability of results.

5. Reveal for verification

After the game concludes, both the player and the casino reveal their seeds. This transparency allows anyone, including the player, to independently verify that the outcome was fair and not manipulated.

The advantages of Provably Fair video poker

Integrating Provably Fair technology into your platform’s video poker has some distinct advantages.

Transparency and trust

Provably Fair video poker provides an unprecedented level of transparency, allowing players to verify the fairness of each game. This is key for building trust between players and the casino.

Security assurance

The integration of blockchain technology ensures the entire process is secure and resistant to tampering. The decentralized nature of blockchain adds an extra layer of security, assuring players that the game is free from external manipulation.

Player empowerment

Beyond traditional online gambling experiences, Provably Fair video poker empowers players by allowing them to contribute to the randomness of the game. This not only adds a personalized touch but also instills confidence in the fairness of the gaming process.

On-chain wagering: taking fairness one step further

Lion Gaming is the pioneer of on-chain wagering technology, which we use to take fairness and security one step further. We leverage blockchain technology to facilitate and record every aspect of the wager. Here’s how:

1. Immutable records

On-chain wagering ensures that every bet, outcome, and transaction is recorded on the blockchain. This creates an immutable and transparent ledger that players can access and verify at any time.

2. Smart contracts

Smart contracts, self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code, are utilized to automate the entire wagering process. This not only reduces the risk of human error but also ensures that the rules of the game are executed exactly as they’re coded.

3. Instant payouts

Blockchain technology allows for instant and transparent payouts. When a player wins a hand in Provably Fair video poker, the payout is automatically and immediately executed through smart contracts. The payment is visible to anyone on the blockchain.

4. Enhanced security

On-chain wagering enhances security by leveraging the decentralized and tamper-resistant nature of blockchain. This minimizes the risk of fraud or manipulation, providing an extra layer of protection for both players and operators.


In an era where bettors are looking for transparency and fairness, operators can provide solutions like Provably Fair video poker. Coupled with on-chain wagering, we believe online casino games can reach new heights of security, fairness and transparency. This approach redefines the concept of fairness in online casinos and places control firmly in the hands of the players.

If you’re looking to offer your players industry leading levels of security and fairness, contact Lion Gaming today. We are proud to offer a suite of Provably Fair games, backed up but our innovative on-chain solutions. Join us in revolutionizing the way bettors view game outcomes and set the standard for the rest of the industry!

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