Video Poker Software: Key Elements to Look For

If you’re starting an online casino, or are looking to add to your repertoire of games, chances are you’ve considered adding video poker software to your arsenal.

A stalwart of the iGaming and online casino space, video poker has stood the test of time and remains hugely popular. Unlike many other casino games like slots or roulette, video poker is a skill based game, and has a low house edge compared to other casino games. While a lower profit margin may not seem like an added bonus, it incentivizes players to play and keeps them on the hook with fast paced gameplay, low minimum bets and a variety of gameplay styles.

Read on to discover what exactly operators should demand from their video poker software providers.

Authentic gameplay

Video poker software providers should ensure their gameplay experience is as close to real life as possible. The goal should be to transport bettors to the casino floor, but from the comfort of their desktop computer or mobile phone. The following benchmarks should be met to ensure your players are getting what they signed up for.

Game design

Everything from lights, graphics, animations and sounds must be taken into account to most accurately recreate a casino video poker experience. The interface must be intuitive and easy to use (more on this later!) but also closely resemble a video poker machine.

Traditional game mechanics

As mentioned briefly above, video poker is a game of skill and strategy. Players have the opportunity to improve their odds based on their approach to the game, instead of leaving their fate entirely up to chance. This feeling of control should be well represented in your video poker software, by ensuring favourable odds, low minimum bets and strict adherence to the standard rules of video poker.

Fast paced gameplay

One of the most enjoyable aspects of video poker is the speed at which it is played. This makes it the ideal game for bettors looking to get as many hands in as possible, while securing instant payouts. Your video poker software should replicate and emphasize this speed, ensuring your players have exciting and entertaining rounds.

Variety of games

Your casino should offer multiple variations of video poker, in order to cater to as many players as possible. Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker are a few examples of game variations, each with its own set of rules and levels of difficulty. Having a variety of game styles available through your video poker software is important to keep the game fresh and exciting for your existing players, while providing new ones with multiple entry points. Additionally, having a rolodex of game styles can set your casino apart from your competitors, by casting a wide net to attract new bettors looking for their preferred game type.

User friendly interfacing, dashboard, and customization options

Video poker is a relatively straightforward game once players have mastered its rules and nuances. Its simplicity is a driver of its popularity, so the interfacing and dashboard your players will be interacting with must follow suit. Video poker machines are laid out in an intuitive way – your dashboard should be as well!

However, the video poker software you choose should also allow for basic customizations. You’ll want to put your stamp on your players’ experience, and customizations of colours and graphics are a great way to achieve this. Furthermore, having custom controls that allow your players to adjust their game setting and preferences is also a nice way to tailor your software to be your own.

Features of video poker software

In addition to realistic gameplay and multiple game variations, there are a few features your video poker software should have integrated to maximize player engagement.

Pay tables

Pay tables should be accurate to those found in real video poker machines. This will not only create a sense of familiarity with an in-person game, but ensure players will get correct payouts for winning hands.

Guides and tutorials

Having a guide built into your video poker software is a helpful tool in educating your players on the rules of the game. We’ve all been in scenarios where we aren’t as familiar with the rules as we’d like to be – why not have tutorials at your players’ disposal as they learn the game?

Practice mode

Once your players have mastered the rules, or are just looking for a refresh before playing with real money, practice mode offers a game scenario with no consequences. This will help build your players confidence, develop their strategies and improve their chances of winning!

Fairness and security

As with all casino games, ensuring your video poker software is fair and secure is critical. Choosing a software provider that integrates Provably Fair is an easy way to achieve this, as your players can verify the results of their games without the need for a 3rd party. Eliminating any concern of outside manipulation or external factors is an important step in building the reputation of your casino and setting your bettors minds at ease.

Furthermore, consider a software provider that offers on-chain wagering. Placing bets on the blockchain allows for an extra layer of security, as the transaction has a digital receipt recorded on the blockchain.

The primary difference between the two is that pre-match odds are relatively stable. For example, if a bettor placed a wager on Team A a week in advance of the match, the odds line is unlikely to move much during that week, whereas the odds line during live betting is constantly moving based on what is happening during the event.

Video poker software and device compatability

Gone are the days of video poker players being anchored to a desktop computer, or even a laptop. As mobile iGaming becomes increasingly popular, particularly in emerging markets, it’s important your software provider can not only meet this demand but excel at it. There at 6.92 billion smartphones in the world today, and just under 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

There at 6.92 billion smartphones in the world today, and just under 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Consequently, your video poker software must operate seamlessly on mobile devices, offering a game experience that is as good as when it’s played on a computer or tablet. Opting for a provider with mobile-first designs in mind is an excellent way to make sure you never have to think twice about compatibility.

Ready to integrate video poker software into your casino?

Video poker is an essential game to have on your games roster. It has massive popularity as a result of its approachability and simplicity, and can be optimized in a way that maximizes realistic gameplay.

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