The Cost of White Label Sportsbook Solutions

Owning a sportsbook or casino is something that was once reserved for people with a lot of capital to invest. For the top 1% of the 1%. However, with the rise of the internet, sports betting software, online gambling, and talented software developers, having an 8-figure balance in your bank account isn’t a requirement for launching your own sportsbook or licensed online gambling operation anymore. In this article we’ll outline the cost of white label sportsbook solutions.

White label sportsbook and casino solutions have become popular choices for operators who want to capture a piece of the rapidly growing online global gambling market. In an industry that’s projected to be worth $153 billion USD by 2030, it’s no wonder that iGaming operators want to get their own slice of the pie.

Some of the main reasons why white label sportsbook software is a common choice in today’s market is that operators don’t need a technical background to have a state-of-the-art solution to offer their players. Instead, they can focus their efforts on customer acquisition and retention rather than tech development, they can get up and running quickly, and it’s financially attractive compared to building a solution from scratch. Plus, with expertise from the right white label sportsbook technology provider like Lion Gaming the process from building your website to accepting wagers is made simple.

What is a white label sportsbook?

White label products simply mean that you take a proven, reliable, powerful product and customize it with your own branding. A white label sportsbook solution is an iGaming solution designed to equip people who want to start a sportsbook with the means to do so. You can find this type of online sportsbook software from various sportsbook software providers, and it comes complete with a fully branded sportsbook, back-office, sports data feeds, payment solutions, technical support, and risk-management.

Operators who choose sport bet software from reliable sports betting software providers have a solution that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure functionality and is ready to take-to-market. All that is required are the design elements and logos customized to your brand to start accepting wagers on your sportsbook in as little as a few weeks. In addition, a sportsbook supplier should be able to give you recommendations along the way to ensure that the product you take to market has features and design elements that help it stand out among the competition.

Many of the most popular online sportsbooks and casinos today use white label technology. But not all white label sports betting solutions are made equal. For instance, some providers may not offer designs that are mobile friendly, don’t offer the ability to fully customize your sportsbook, and may not offer the ability to accept cryptocurrency. Plus, only the most innovative sportsbook providers offer advanced features like web3 wallet integrations, airdrop functionality, NFT integrations, and on-chain wagering. To ensure that the platform provider you are considering working with offers everything you need to run a successful sportsbook, download our copy of 20 Questions To Ask Betting Technology Providers here.

What is the cost of white label sportsbook solutions?

First, let’s explore what goes into building a sportsbook by yourself. It takes years of engineering and development to build a sportsbook solutions from scratch. This can result in hundreds of hours and millions of dollars to develop your own sportsbook or casino technology in-house. The financial resources required to hire casino software developers to create the technology and lawyers to ensure compliance are typically the biggest obstacles to operators who want to develop their own betting technology.

White label sportsbook solutions are designed to eliminate these costs.

White label sportsbook technology providers like Lion Gaming have done the heavy lifting to bring a product to market that provides operators and their bettors with exceptional iGaming solutions. We’ve taken care of the development of a finely polished and functional product so you don’t have to. Instead of spending millions of dollars developing a product by yourself, you can spend a tiny fraction of that and have a fully functional sportsbook up and running quickly.

To request a quote and find out how much Lion Gaming’s white label sportsbook solutions cost, you can contact us here.

What else does a white label sportsbook offer?

Beyond the financial savings and proven technology, betting technology providers who offer white label solutions also offer a number of value adds to operators who want to run their own online gambling sites. Some of the things that operators can expect when working with white label sportsbook providers like Lion Gaming are:

  • Payment gateways to accept wagers in fiat and cryptocurrency
  • Brand creation and style sheet
  • Administrative portal for player management and customer support
  • Supplementary marketing solutions
  • Risk-management solutions
  • Hosting
  • Technical support
  • Advanced blockchain technology and crypto features

If you’re interested in starting your own online sportsbook or casino, contact Lion Gaming to discover why our white label sportsbook solutions might be a good fit for you. Connect with us below or send an email directly to [email protected] to get started.

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