Find Your Blockchain Sportsbook Provider

The iGaming market is getting increasingly competitive. Sports betting in particular is enjoying a prolonged moment in the sun, with new markets emerging and the cultural acceptance of gambling growing by the day. In order to stay competitive, iGaming operators are looking for any edge they can find to differentiate themselves from the pack. Blockchain technology represents that edge. By working with a blockchain sportsbook provider, you too can create a unique, best-in-class sportsbook that offers your bettors an unparalleled experience.

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What is On-Chain Betting Software?

As we’ve covered in previous posts, innovations in technology are driving the iGaming industry forward. Changing regulations and player preferences are pushing software providers to be at the top of their game. However, as online gambling becomes more and more mainstream, there is a growing demand for transparency, security and fairness. This demand has created on-chain betting software, a technology that is changing the way we place bets online.

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The Future of Augmented Reality Gaming

The iGaming landscape is in the middle of a major overhaul. Web3, the blockchain, and cryptocurrencies have changed the game for bettors and operators alike. Now, we’re seeing technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality becoming mainstream. Among these frontiers, one concept has been gaining substantial momentum in recent years – augmented reality gaming.

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Why Buy a Web3 Casino?

Staying ahead of the curve in the highly competitive iGaming space is paramount. Technology continues to shape the way we experience online casinos and sportsbooks, and as a result the emergence of Web3 has taken center stage. In today's post, we will explore the concept of Web3 casinos and delve into the reasons why you should buy a Web3 casino as you start your iGaming operation.

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3 New iGaming Technologies

Over the past couple of years the iGaming industry has had some exciting growth with more jurisdictions creating legal frameworks, in addition to technological advancements. This article covers 3 new iGaming technologies that will play a large role in driving the future of the industry. Continue reading to find out more about these cool technologies!

The Difference of On-chain Wagering vs Crypto as a Payment Rail

In the iGaming space, there are many casino operators who brand themselves as a crypto casino because they have a payment rail for one or more cryptocurrencies. However there is a drastic difference between accepting cryptocurrency as a payment rail and using blockchain technology in your iGaming platform.

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