Jeton is dedicated to building financial products that are easy to use, fair, and transparent, empowering users with full control over their assets. Recognizing the complexity and fragmentation of the financial services industry, Jeton aims to simplify financial management, making it easier for users to track their money and conduct transactions securely. Jeton was also awarded Payment Provider of the Year 2022 by the AIBC Dubai Awards, recognizing its excellence in the financial services industry.

Key Features

  • Simplified Financial Services: Jeton's mission is to simplify financial services by offering easy-to-use products that empower users to manage their money effectively.
  • New Generation eWallet: Jeton has developed a new generation eWallet designed to simplify online and offline payments, addressing the significant needs of consumers today.
  • Global Payment App: Jeton Wallet is a global payment app that supports over 40 currencies worldwide, allowing users to receive, transfer, request, or send digital cash with ease.
  • Innovation and Inclusivity: Jeton is driven by a team of innovators, dreamers, and doers committed to building a more inclusive financial future for everyone.
  • Certified Security: Jeton Wallet is certified by the International Standard Organisation for the highest cybersecurity standards, ensuring users' data is safe and secure from unauthorized access.


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