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For those looking to start an online casino you likely are looking for the best baccarat online casino software. Baccarat is a classic casino card game that while popular globally, is particularly favored in the eastern regions of the globe. Baccarat in casino history holds a legendary standing, consisting of almost 2/3 of Vegas table revenue and nearly 90% of all gaming revenue in Macau. There are three popular variants: punto banco, baccarat banque, and baccarat chemin de fer. This article discusses the basics of online baccarat software, and Lion Gaming’s white label baccarat software solution for this table casino game.

How to play baccarat

The baccarat casino game rules are a bit more complex than other popular casino table games such as blackjack. This article will focus on the punto banco variant since that is the iteration Lion Gaming produces and one of the more preferred iterations of baccarat.

In punto banco, the player chooses to wager on either the player, banker, or on a tie result. Baccarat is usually played from either a set of six or eight decks, the Lion Gaming version utilizes a six deck shuffle. Each card has a point value with the two through nine cards representing their numerical value, for instance a two is worth two points. The ten cards, such as the ten and face cards, hold a value of zero while aces are worth one point. The highest score a player can achieve is nine points, as a score cannot exceed ten points. If for instance a player is dealt an eight and a five, their score would be three because their score would be calculated as 8 + 5 – 10 = 3.

Onto the gameplay. Unlike in card games such as blackjack, the bettor does not have control over their moves and gameplay. The bettor’s move is decided by the cards they are dealt. The bettor and the banker (i.e. the house) are both dealt two cards, if neither the player nor the banker have a score of eight or nine from the first two cards that were dealt, an additional card is drawn. This is where the game can get a bit confusing to first time players. Additional cards are drawn based on the following:

if the player has a score of zero through five, they draw a third card, otherwise they “stand” at the six or seven value they have. The banker follows the same rules, unless the player draws a third card. If the player drew a third card, the banker operates in the following manner:

  • If the banker has a score of two or less, the banker will draw a third card regardless of the player’s moves
  • If the banker has a score of three, they will draw a third card if the player did not draw a score of eight, in which case the banker stands
  • If the banker has a score of four, they will draw a third card if the player’s third card resulted in a score of the following: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • If the banker has a score of five, the banker will draw a third card if the player’s third card resulted in a score of the following: 4, 5, 6, 7
  • If the banker has a score of six, the banker will only draw a third card if the player had a score of six or seven
  • If the banker has a score of seven, the banker will stand

The baccarat casino odds are slightly more complex than typical card games since it varies depending on which bet you placed. In punto banco bets placed on the banker incur a 5% tax on wins, despite this tax the banker bet has the best expected value for the player with a house edge of just 1.06%. Bets placed on the player have a house edge of 1.24%, while bets placed on a tie outcome have a house edge of 14.44%. Evidently the best baccarat casino strategy is to bet on the banker since it has the lowest baccarat casino edge.

Baccarat software

No matter which online casino software you go with, all baccarat software will feature the basic features and gameplay. However, the best online baccarat software will go above and beyond the basics, with better graphics, faster gameplay, and the leeway for customization.

Additionally, having a user experience that is designed for mobile users is crucial. Over 60% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices, making it crucial that operators offer games that work on any device. This is why at Lion Gaming we design all of our products from a mobile-first perspective, to ensure that our games are user friendly no matter what device a player is using.

Customization is crucial for online casino software due to how competitive the industry is. The iGaming market is filled with online casinos that lack unique branding and as a result most sites are indistinguishable from each other. This is why customization is so important. At Lion Gaming we offer our partner operators the ability to customize practically everything. Whether it is the playing cards, casino chips, table felt, or even the game animations, to ensure that our clients have games that support their branding efforts.

Customizing graphics is not the only way for betting providers to differentiate their baccarat software. In addition to offering all of the bells and whistles of traditionally exceptional baccarat software, Lion Gaming’s baccarat software boasts two unique features.

Unique features

Lion Gaming’s baccarat solution incorporates two technologies: Provably Fair and on-chain wagering.

Provably Fair

This technology lets your bettors independently verify the results of their wager, to ensure that the house was not stacked against them. This is how we are able to achieve that with our games:

  1. First the deck is shuffled server side and presented to the bettor with a hash of the shuffled deck before wagers are placed.
  2. Whenever a wager is placed, the bettor provides a client_seed to the operator. The client_seed is generated randomly in the bettor’s browser, and they also have the option to select it by hand if they so wish.
  3. The client_seed is then used to reshuffle the deck in a deterministic way leveraging the Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm.
  4. At the end of the game, the initial shuffle is revealed, allowing the bettor to verify that they were presented with a valid hash, and that the deck was reshuffled in the correct manner. Since the operator does not know the value of the client_seed until the hand is dealt, there is no way for the operator to manipulate the outcome of the game.

On-chain wagering

On-chain wagering provides the bettor with a trustless wagering environment, where they do not need to have any trust in the operator in order to know that their bets will be honored and paid out. This is possible thanks to the use of smart contracts. All of our casino games feature the ability for a bettor to toggle on-chain wagering on or off depending on the player’s preference. If turned on, a smart contract is executed every time they place a wager, which then issues a public receipt of the transaction since the bet is taking place over a blockchain. The smart contract will automatically settle the wager, with the winning side being credited immediately.

Are you ready to integrate baccarat software into your casino?

If you are looking for online casino software, Lion Gaming’s online baccarat software is an excellent place to start. You can view our casino suite overview here. Our games are not only packed full of features and designed to be user friendly, but are also cost conscious, and we are able to offer competitive GGR pricing since our games are built in-house. Given the combination of features and cost, we are proud to stake our claim to having the best online baccarat software. Contact us today at [email protected] for a free consultation on starting your iGaming business today.

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