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Founded in 1991, Fazi is a longstanding pillar in the iGaming community. Their commitment to the gaming industry is underscored by providing the excellent service while nurturing honest relationships with partners. The company approaches all their projects with a strong sense of responsibility, fostering trust with employees to create a unified Fazi family. It’s their belief that the foundation of good interpersonal relationships among employees, coupled with their expertise, leads to exceptional results. They actively encourage individuals who seek growth and learning opportunities and value the hard work and effort that contribute to the company’s success. Fazi also takes pride in its association with the Novomatic Group.

With over 200 employees, the company’s mission revolves delivering top-notch service in the gaming industry. Their vision as the Fazi family is to ascend to a leadership position in the global iGaming market. This mindset has an influence in all segments of their business.

As part of the Novomatic Group, Fazi is renowned for crafting sophisticated hi-tech casino equipment and high-performing online casino games. They pride themselves on their ability to deliver gaming enjoyment and excitement to players for over 30 years. With a commitment to trust, superior support, and exceptional service, they offer a diverse portfolio of more than 150 games to 50 markets globally. Their innovative gaming solutions keep customers returning for more, cementing their position as a trusted contributor to the iGaming landscape.

Some of their more popular titles include Winning Clover 5, Dead Night and Retro Fire.

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