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Founded in Sweden in 2013, ELK Studios has made its mark on the online casino industry. With a passionate drive to redefine the gaming experience for players worldwide, the company has garnered a solid reputation. Over the years, the company has earned the privilege to provide its mobile-first content to a vast network of licensed operators and partners across the globe.

What sets ELK Studios apart is its unwavering focus on quality over quantity. By combining groundbreaking mathematics with mesmerizing artwork, they consistently deliver top-tier, engaging gaming products. A key driving force in their game development process is the concept. They continuously generate innovative game ideas, carefully refining them into concepts that blend a strong game model with a cohesive theme.

Another hallmark of ELK Studios’ success is their commitment to beautiful artwork. From precisely defined soundscapes and fluid animations to breathtaking graphics, their in-house studio takes no shortcuts. However, the true essence of their games lies in their robust math model, where every title is meticulously crafted. The company employs statistical modeling, cloud-based computing, and big data analysis to develop, refine, and rigorously test their gaming products. This ensures they meet the highest standards of quality and entertainment.

Some notable titles from ELK include Dead Man’s Gold, Coba Reborn and Rabbit Royale.

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