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Atomic Slot Lab

Atomic Slot Lab is a game development team with a unique mission inspired by the features, themes, and mechanics of beloved casino games from Las Vegas. Their goal is to craft a brand-new generation of online casino games, meticulously tailored to the specific preferences of online slots players in localized markets around the world. However, these games are firmly rooted in the electrifying essence of Las Vegas energy.

Situated in Las Vegas, Atomic Slot Lab operates as Bragg’s content studio, with a primary focus on delivering top-quality online games to slot enthusiasts worldwide. This studio is dedicated to combining the allure of the casino floor classics with modern, online gaming preferences, bringing the spirit of Las Vegas to players’ screens.

Notably, the company’s debut title, Egyptian Magic, made an immediate impact by being recognized as SlotBeats‘ Slot of the Week (SLOTW) in February of 2022. Some other notable games from Atomic include 7 Shields of Fortune and Enchanted Manor. This early recognition showcases their dedication to innovation and excellence in the world of online gaming from the start.

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