How iGaming and Gaming Relate

In the iGaming industry, one of the most important things for a casino is to provide their players with games that are fun to play. Increasingly, new releases for games such as roulette or slot based games, are being designed with features to make the user experience feel like playing a video game rather than simply placing a wager and hoping to get lucky. This trend is not a one way street however, as video game developers have also been borrowing concepts from games of chance in order to spice up their gameplay, such as the frequent use of loot boxes. In this article, we are going to go over this new trend of gamification in the casino industry.

The role of entertainment

At its root the gaming industry is all about entertainment. For those who have been to a traditional brick and mortar casino before, you know that the experience is about much more than just placing bets. Casinos go all out with live musical performers, magic shows, restaurants, and night clubs. Some casinos even have a dual role of also being a resort – customers can get massages, play golf, have drinks or food, and much more.

These days it seems as if almost everything is gamified. Whether it is collecting points by using a credit card, earning perks simply by logging into an app or website on a routine basis, or getting loyalty points for spending money with a business. For iGaming operators it may not be possible to offer your customers the variety of food, drink and other entertainment that a brick and mortar casino is able to provide, but it is possible to offer gaming products that feel like a game rather than feeling like you were simply placing a wager and given a paper bet receipt.

Gamifying your casino games

So how do iGaming operators make their games more fun? At the foundation, you need to have strong graphics with a careful eye towards the small details like the casino chips and table felt, animations such as the cards being dealt, gameplay music and sounds, and your games need to be built to work on any device without sacrificing quality. While these aspects by themselves are not obvious choices for what makes a casino game fun, they are necessary to prevent a player from getting frustrated.

Once the foundation is set, the fun can begin! Game studios should take notes from the video game industry, and incorporate gameplay functions such as multiplayer, use of skill or user input, and having backstories for the games. Some of these concepts are starting to enter their way into the mainstream iGaming community, this is seen through newer casino games, such as Fish Game by RealTime Gaming, Rushlane by Rivalry, and Turbo Auto Roulette from Real Dealer Studios. All of those games are great examples of where the development of casino games is headed. Fish Game incorporates the use of multiplayer functionality, and feels like you are playing a video game instead of clicking “spin” in a more traditional slot game. Like Fish Game, Rushlane is also a multiplayer game where players race against each other. Meanwhile, Turbo Auto Roulette provides a fresh take on the timeless classic of roulette to help players have a faster game experience.

Overlap with video games

As briefly mentioned earlier, the iGaming industry is not the only one looking to other industries for inspiration. The video game industry has opened their arms to games of chance, which is most frequently seen through the use of loot boxes. Loot boxes provide players with randomly selected in-game goods such as clothing or weapons for their game avatar.

Not only do video game and casino game developers borrow ideas from each other, but they are now becoming more intwined. Whether its for wagering on Esports tournaments, where customers can wager on and stream their favorite Esport matches, or using in-game assets to wager as was seen with the CS:GO skin gambling craze. The fusion of video games and casino games is a successful one, with every year generating tens of billions of dollars in wagered volume.

With the metaverse starting to take off, it is only a matter of time before online casinos become further entrenched in the digital world, with some casinos already starting virtual casinos in metaverses such as Decentraland, where players are able to visit with their avatar and their friends.

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