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Esports Betting Solutions

Ignite your success with unparalleled Esports betting solutions inside Lion Gaming's Fer0x Sportsbook.

With all the features of our comprehensive white label sportsbook, our Esports solution is tailored to cater to the unique demands of Esports enthusiasts. Through our integrations with leading Esports data providers, we offer market-leading coverage in Esports, allowing your players to wager on the largest selection of Esports betting markets on the planet.

Tap into a burgeoning Esports betting market with Lion Gaming's Esports betting software.

With Esports betting solutions powered by the Fer0x Sportsbook, Lion Gaming strives to deliver the most immersive Esports betting experience available. Tap into the immense potential of the Esports market, capture a passionate audience, and take your Esports betting venture to unprecedented heights. Discover the power of the Fer0x Sportsbook and redefine the Esports betting landscape.

Comprehensive suite of Esports
Unlock the widest selection of Esports betting markets through our comprehensive solutions. Our integration provides your players with the largest selection of Esports betting events on the market. Your players can wager on the most popular Esports titles like League of Legends, DotA, Counter Strike, Overwatch, and more.
Esports live streaming
Immerse your bettors in the heart-pounding world of Esports as they watch every exhilarating moment unfold in real-time. Our best-in-class integrations ensure a seamless streaming and live betting experience for every Esports event and every market to keep your customers engaged and connected as they play. Unleash the power of live streaming and give your players what they want - more immersive experiences and more entertainment.
Esports betting on the blockchain
Our industry-leading blockchain sportsbook solutions extend to our Esports betting solutions. As a demographic that is tech-savvy and crypto conscious, you can offer Esports bettors the ability to place wagers in over 1,000 cryptocurrencies or directly on-chain through using the Fer0x Engine’s proprietary technology.

Attract the next generation of
players with Esports betting solutions

Unleash the full potential of your Esports betting operation with Fer0x Sportsbook. Discover firsthand how our bleeding-edge technology can elevate the player experience and drive the success of your Esports betting venture.


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