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If you are looking to start a crypto casino, dice casino software is a great foundational piece. In this article, we’ll go over the role of dice in crypto casinos, and Lion Gaming’s white label dice solution.

Dice in the crypto community

Dice has been amongst the most popular casino games for bettors since it made its debut over a decade ago in the Bitcoin community. Dice games have become so popular that at one point they even made up the majority of the transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. During that time, almost all bitcoin casino software was centered around dice-based games.

One of the reasons dice games caught on in the cryptocurrency community is because it was the first game to introduce the use of Provably Fair wagering technology. Many of the early crypto casinos were not only unlicensed, but in many cases were operated by unknown operators.

Since there are no chargebacks in cryptocurrency, many bettors did not feel comfortable wagering on games unless they were positive that they were not playing against a stacked house. Thanks to the introduction of Provably Fair technology, players were able to verify – without a 3rd party – that the game they had been playing was fair.

What makes dice unique?

Casino games typically have fixed payouts available to players – in Video Poker you get a set payout depending on your hand, in Black Jack you receive double your wager if the house busts, and so on. In dice, the bettor gets to choose what payout they are looking to win (i.e. 1.5x, 2x, 100x).

Another significant draw is for players who wish to utilize betting strategies into their play, such as martingale, due to the ability to play at a more rapid pace than they would playing more traditional games. And unlike many casino games, such as slots, which traditionally have higher house edges, dice traditionally has a relatively low house edge. While the edge depends on the operator, it typically is set around 1%.

Lion Gaming’s dice game

Lion Gaming’s dice game offers our partners the following features:

Powered by blockchain technology

Lion Gaming is the only iGaming technology provider that allows for on-chain wagering. This enables operators to provide the ultimate peace of mind to players, by executing wagers using smart contracts. For players who prefer a more traditional casino experience, this feature can be toggled on or off by the player.

Mobile-first design

Bettors can easily play from anywhere and have an enjoyable user experience. Dice makes for an especially good addition for a mobile bitcoin casino due to the simplicity of the game.

Provably Fair enabled

Whether the game is played on-chain or off-chain, the player is able to independently verify the results of their wager were fair without the use of a 3rd party certifier.

High customizable

The dice game will be designed to your branding, and feature custom house rules (min / max odds, house edge etc.)

Ready to get started?

Whether you are launching a traditional iGaming casino, or one that is slanted more towards cryptocurrency users, our dice casino software is an excellent addition to your betting platform. Check out more about our crypto casino software by reading the article here, and more about our general casino software by clicking here.

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