Crash Software: Choosing the Best for Your Casino

Crash has taken the world of iGaming by storm in recent years. Online casino games didn’t change much for a while, as offerings remained largely the same year in and year out. Virtual slot games would come out with some new graphics or a fresh design, but the game remained true to itself. When Crash arrived in 2014, its entirely unique playstyle disrupted the iGaming landscape and left bettors hungry for more.

Simplicity, exhilarating gameplay and social integration have catapulted Crash to new heights and increased its demand by bettors all over the world. Finally, a game had arrived that rivaled traditional dice-based games, and its spike in popularity is reflected in how many casinos offer Crash to their players.

In this post we’ll discuss what Crash is, what makes it a must-have for your casino, and how to choose the best Crash software provider for your needs.

What exactly is Crash?

Crash was initially developed for the blossoming Bitcoin community in 2014. It quickly became a cult hit, capturing the attention of bettors looking for a social component in their games. Unlike games where the player is competing solely against the house, Crash allows bettors to play in the same game and compete against one another. Furthermore, Crash utilizes a chat box, so players can communicate with one another over the course of a series of rounds.

In addition to having attractive built-in social elements, Crash is exceedingly simple to play. It doesn’t require a deep knowledge of rules and gameplay isn’t as nuanced as many other casino games. Combine this with the potential for high payouts and fast paced gameplay, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

How do I play?

Crash is a time-based game. At the start of a round, bettors place a wager in their desired amount and currency, and a 1.00X multiplier begins increasing with the game clock. The objective of the game is to cash out before the multiplier “crashes”.

For example, if a player places a $1.00 wager and cashes out when the multiplier is at 2.00X, the bet would return $2.00 to the player. However, if a player waits too long to cash out their bet as the multiplier increases, it could “crash”, leaving the player with nothing to show for their wager. Once the multiplier crashes, the round is over and there is a brief countdown. This waiting period can be customized to the Crash software preferences of the operator.

The potential payouts for players can be quite large, especially with how little players can wager. Winning big is on the table – just make sure you’re cashed out before the Crash!

Does my casino need Crash software?

In short, yes.

Crash has quickly become one of the most popular games on the market. It gives your casino the opportunity to build a community amongst your players, as socially engaging games give bettors a shared gameplay experience. Plus, the ability to cash out at any time gives players a sense of control that is missing in many other casino games.

In an exploding market like iGaming, being on the forefront is a no brainer, and that includes having the latest games on offer. Given its recent popularity, it’s safe to say having Crash software ready and available on your platform could give you the edge over a competitor.

What should I look for in a Crash software provider?

As with any game, choosing the right Crash software provider is an integral part of your casino’s success. Here is a cheat sheet of what to look for when making your decision.

Fairness and transparency

This goes without saying, but your bettors need to be assured that the outcome of their games is fair. Selecting a provider that utilizes Provably Fair is a fantastic way to do this, as bettors can verify their game results without a 3rd party. Integrating Provably Fair directly into the game removes any trepidation your players may have about external factors and manipulation. Furthermore, the game should be transparent. All game information and statistics should be available to players, including previous winning numbers and payout percentages, to increase confidence in your casino.


Your provider should allow for some basic customizations to be available to operators. This includes wager amounts, risk levels and preferred game settings. Furthermore, a white label Crash software should allow personalized choices for fonts, colours, and integrated branding. Imagine a Crash graphic featuring your logo getting bigger and bigger before it crashes!

User friendly interface

As we discussed earlier, simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to Crash. A busy, complicated dashboard detracts from the approachability of the game itself. Having an eye-catching yet intuitive interface is key for getting and keeping players in the game.

Multiplayer support and social integration

The social aspect of Crash is one of its most attractive features. Your Crash software provider should take this into account, allowing players to compete against each other and have dialogue throughout a round.

Mobile-first design

Given the constantly increasing percentage of internet traffic coming from smartphones, it’s critical to have a game that operates seamlessly on the go. This keeps your players in the game, and allows for greater penetration of emerging markets.

Bonus: betting on the blockchain

Further to the point about fairness and transparency, consider a Crash software provider that utilizes wagering on the blockchain. On-chain transactions offer an extra level of traceability, as the record on the blockchain serves as a public receipt of the wager.

Ok, I’m sold on Crash software. What’s next?

Contact Lion Gaming today to add Crash to your platform. Lion Gaming offers a white label Crash software that is mobile friendly and supports on-chain wagering. Our product is Provably Fair, enabling bettors to verify their wagers, and is designed from the mobile-first perspective for ultimate versatility.

Our team has decades of combined experience in online casino software development, and can offer industry leading guidance, expertise and insight.

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