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The first step for those looking to enter the iGaming space is reviewing the many casino software providers that supply betting technology to online casinos. This article serves to help you know what to look for, and provide expectations for what you should receive from your online casino software provider. Choosing which of the casino software providers you go with is one of the most important decisions you will make for your iGaming business.

Who are casino software providers

Broadly, casino software providers are B2B businesses who supply the technology that powers casino platforms. However, there is a bit of variety in the space. Some software providers offer end-to-end solutions, from the license, to the casino games, to the back office, while others specialize in offering a single product vertical. Most do not develop their own games in-house and instead offer an aggregator service that pools thousands of games from dozens to hundreds of different casino game studios who are fully dedicated to game creation. Others offer a hybrid model where they offer in-house games in addition to 3rd party games.

At Lion Gaming, we have a suite of in-house games as well as thousands of 3rd party games. All of our games are designed from a mobile-first perspective and feature Provably Fair technology and the option for on-chain wagering. More information our online casino software can be found in this article.

Things to consider

For prospective iGaming operators it is important to ensure that the casino software providers you are looking at are able to either meet all of your technological needs, or that their software is compatible with other software in a modularized manner. Moreover, it is important that your casino will work on mobile devices without diminishing the user experience for your customers. Over 60% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices, so if your not providing your customers with a good mobile experience you will have a more difficult time acquiring and retaining players.

Another important consideration is the customization a provider is able to offer. Since most online casinos offer the same 3rd party games, having strong branding is a key component to standing out from competitors. Some casino software providers only offer cookie cutter design solutions for your business which puts their clients at a disadvantage. Having a technology provider who can customize your site design around your branding, the design of your casino chips, playing felts and more is a great way to gain a competitive advantage. For more on this topic, read out article around the importance of customization in iGaming.

Lastly, prospective operators need to carefully consider the gross gaming revenue (GGR) or net gaming revenue (NGR) share that casino software providers charge. The vast majority of providers charge their partners a portion of their GGR receipts on a monthly basis. As an example, if an online casino earned $1,000,000 on the wagers placed on their site before expenses, and their software provider charged 15% GGR, they would pay their provider $150,000.

Since this revenue sharing comes before any expenses, such as player bonuses or advertising, it is one of the most determining factors towards an operator having a successful business. Most casino software providers also have a monthly minimum, meaning even if a casino did not perform as expected, they still need to pay their provider “x” amount in order to continue operations. Typically providers with in-house technology are able to offer better rates on those games to their partners since they do not need to pay a 3rd party.

Player Account Management (PAM)

Running a successful online casino takes more than just offering an easy to use platform thats stocked with popular casino games. Equally important to offering a good user experience, is the back office software an operator utilizes to manage their customer relations. Known as PAM in the iGaming industry, player account management software is the crucial customer relationship management tool that helps operators acquire and retain their customers. This system should display all of the relevant data regarding your player base in an easy format.

Some of the crucial features that player account management tools are used for include the bonus systems, such as providing first time depositors with a welcome bonus, or rewarding long-term customers with free wagers. Additionally, the back office should have a robust affiliate management system. Affiliate systems are one of the best ways for operators to drive new customers to their casino. For more information, you can view an article we wrote about PAM software here.

Ready to choose your software provider?

Choosing your technology partner is important, but it does not need to be stressful. We offer a free checklist of 20 questions to ask your prospective partners that is available here. For a free consultation or quote on starting your online casino business, or if you want to buy Lion Gaming’s casino software, you can contact us today at [email protected] and a member of our team will happily walk you through the process.

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