Breaking Down Video Poker Software

Video poker software remains an integral part of any online casino. Video poker is consistently one of the most popular games available at online casinos, despite being one of the more “old-school” options available. It allows players to utilize strategy in order to win, opposed to relying solely on luck, and rewards them with instant gameplay.

In this post, we’re going to run through a brief history of video poker, and the fundamental pieces the software needs in order to create a top quality gaming experience. We’ll also cover how the software works and why it’s an important game to include in your platform. Let’s get started.

The evolution of video poker software

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s take a moment to appreciate the evolution of video poker software. Video poker originated in the 1970’s – the golden age of electronics – along with the floppy disk, the VCR, and the Walkman. The first patent appeared in 1979, and used the latest and greatest in technology and design. The first video poker machines were essentially slot machines, and while they pale in comparison to what we can produce today, were awfully impressive at the time.

Video poker was unique, as it offered players a more streamlined, straightforward version of poker. It did away with dealers, other players calculating moves and wagers, and provided the fast-paced gameplay that traditional poker was lacking.

Today, video poker software is an integral part of any successful online casino. While it evolves in step with new technologies, the game remains largely the same. It is approachable, easy to play, and typically has a lower house edge compared to other casino games. This entices players to play multiple hands, increasing time at the table and keeping them on the hook with fast gameplay.

Key elements of video poker software

There are some key components that iGaming operators should consider when integrating video poker software. The best online casino software providers will have the following integrated directly into their video poker software.

User interface (UI)

This is the first impression players will have of the software. The UI should be intuitive, easy to use and visually appealing in order to create a memorable gaming experience. Part of the appeal of video poker is how simple and easy to play it is, so the user interface should reflect that.

Game variety

As we’ve covered in a previous post, it’s essential to have multiple variations of video poker. These can include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, or Joker Poker to name a few. Having multiple variations of video poker will keep the game fresh for your existing players, in addition to providing multiple entry points for new players.

Random number generators (RNGs) and security

An RNG is the backbone of fair play in video poker. RNGs ensure that every game outcome is truly random, which makes it impossible for players or the house to predict the result. Partnering with a reputable software provider with Provably Fair games, or even on-chain wagering technology, is an easy way to accomplish this. On-chain wagering also provides industry-leading security, transparency and privacy for all.

Graphics and animations

High quality graphics and smooth animations are critical for creating immersive, exciting gaming experiences. Vibrant visuals coupled with realistic sound effects will transport players to the casino floor.

Mobile compatability

There are over 6.9 billion smartphones in the world today, and the vast majority of people use their smartphone to access online entertainment. That being said, video poker software should perform equally well across mobile devices and desktop computers alike.

What is the video poker gameplay experience like?

The most important role of video poker software is to recreate the gameplay experience players would find at a physical casino. The software needs to perform the following steps in order to do just that.

  • Game selection: To get started, players choose from a variety of video poker game types within the software, each with its own unique rules and strategies.
  • Dealing the cards: Here, the software deals the cards from a virtual deck, which has been shuffled by the RNG.
  • Decision making: This is the step where players decide which cards to keep and discard, putting strategy and their poker knowledge into practice.
  • Reshuffling and winning: After the player has discarded their cards, the software reshuffles the deck and distributes the replacement cards. The final hand determines the payout, and the player’s account is credited quickly and efficiently.

Why does video poker software matter to my business?

While video poker is one of the older games found in online casinos, it has stood the test of time. It remains an important fixture for its ability to provide a fair, exciting, skill based experience. Here are some reasons why video poker software should matter to you and your business.


Because video poker has been around for so long, it has tremendous familiarity with the vast majority of bettors. Video poker machines are instantly recognizable for many people, casino goers or not, and can be an easy entry point for new players. It can also serve as a reliable game for bettors to return to, or for new players who are comfortable with poker but not other online casino games.

Revenue generation

As we briefly mentioned above, video poker has a slightly smaller house edge than other games. However, this can work in the operator’s favor, as players are encouraged to play multiple hands and keep coming back to the game. This factor, coupled with its immense popularity, make video poker a great revenue generator for casino operators.

Hybrid appeal

Video poker bridges the gap between traditional poker players and those who gravitate towards casino games. Video poker software combines elements from both worlds, making it extremely appealing to a wider audience. Poker purists find it to be an easy way to play a quick hand, while casino players enjoy the fast paced, strategic game without diving into a full poker hand.

Skill based gaming experience

Unlike many other casino games, video poker is a skill based game. This has a lot of appeal, as many players prefer to leverage strategy over pure luck. As players need to make decisions about which cards to keep or discard, a well-thought out plan is often the best way to play video poker. 


Don’t let the antiquated nature of video poker fool you; it’s a very popular game and should be a fixture in your casino. The bottom line is the game is fun, easy to play, and offers players a fast paced, exciting iGaming experience.

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